Today I picked up my R6 after dropping it of yesterday Serviced at 8k and two new tryes was going to head home after picking it up but decided against it took a ride ended up in southend what a lovely day and scrubbed my tyres in, I think thats what its called anyway. Hehehehe

So what you’re saying is that you’ve spent the day being a scrubber in Southend ?

Yeah today was a lovely day for getting on the bike and just getting lost but tomorrow is going to be even better wooohooo

r u coming down to Brighton with us tomorrow Simone…meeting at Little Chef on A23 11am

Im gonna be at harwich tomorrow, so no brighton run for me…

Fair Play to ya …did it myself two weeks ago…was supposed to be heading to South Ockendon…just carried on to Southend and had a great day…by reading your posts …

you definately get about on that bike missy dont ya !

Seeya at Cubana when alls well this end !!

Thank you barro, I’ve only done about 2000 miles since I got it september or so last year only paid £4100 for her against a new one I couldnt justify the cost besides this came with all the exhaust and damper and a gear light too sorry to hear about yours hope your back on the road soon

THANKS Hun…Im hoping to be back out soon…Brain says “Now” and Bodys saying “Later”