Today / Tonight.

The '06 750 is quite tempting though…

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to the Ace tonight, slightly too short notice for the missus. But I pass the North Circ on my way home along the A1, so getting there on my way home from work isn’t a big deal. I’ll keep me eyes peeled for the next time you lot are down there and I’ll try and get a pass-out and head down…

Ive seen ya bike up close Henn…Pukka Mukka !!!

Top Man …try to score some Brownie Points for Wednesday night…New Meet and first was a blast, great place too !!

I’m probably gonna get there (Ace) 8.00 - 8.30ish if that’s any good?

Spot On !!

<looks out of window and sees sunshine>

Damn! I wish I hadn’t promised the wife I’d be home to bath the kids tonight…

Cheers Barro. I’m getting an R&G Tail Tidy from Eddy, new screen and new Stealth Chain and Sprocket and I think that will do really! Anyhoo, I might be out down the Ace tonight if I can be bothered, lol…


yeah why not…be nice to have a chin wag with ya again.

The flat will be there…

My Bruvva in Arms…we,ll plot the next Video Release !!

its RS turbo nite tonite, so burberry caps everyone and if your driving down make sure you have one arm across the top of the steering wheel and you head hangs out of your open window and loosen your back number plate off so it vibrates when you turn your radio up, just to fit in

Quality…all the Pikey Mikeys in Formation !!!

I’m going to try and make it on the Gix tonight i’ll aim for 7-8ish but really cant stay very long at all but ill give the bike its first Ace visit.

Flatout, what sort of radio do you have fitted on your bike mate??? I’m interested now!

hmmmmmmmm it says driving not riding, but on my bike i have a JVC head unit with MP3 capability with 5 stage magnetic pic with dylitium crystal overpass connected to a two way bridgable overtuned amp, runnning 10 sublow bandpass ackipaki subs, upfront i have four all range upsidedown inside out back to front mids with an all range spectrum, but it sounds shit

yea I heard the 5 stage magnetic pic with dylitium crystal overpass doesn’t interact well with the bandpass ackipaki subs and thats why it sounds shit mate…


and i thought was because i had my lid on…


Nah, whateva gave you that idea? lol


Hey…what happened to the Troups ??..Flat Showed…SP Showed

Stevewright the Newbie even showed !!!..then…Nothing…Niche …Fa…?

What Happened ??