Today / Tonight.

((("“Goooooood Moooornin London”")))

What “A Glorious” day…Who,s doing what ??..any plans for today or this evening ??


Isn’t it a bit cold out or not ?

I froze my arse off riding around boxhill area yesterday !!.. well ventilated summer gloves were not a good idea…

Morning Tex,

Im in Central London mate and its “Lovely Jubbly” !!

I might give the Gix a run up to Harrow later to collect and fit the new smaller plate and tail tidy and might be out tonight on her but i also have to do some work at some point, got to pay for it all somehow! I am also really keen to get the supermoto out as it hasnt run in a week or so.

In central London today and its nice & sunny here but you can feel the chill.

working in victoria till 6ish, was 2.5degrees this morning, but heating up a bit now

I’m in Leeds

And it’s sunny. But it snowed at Donington and on the ride up here last night

So I’ll not be out tonight.

I’ll be out later … anyone fancy a meet up the Ace?

wot time at ace?

I,ll go for the Ace…7.00-7.30pm any good ??

cool, i can be at ace for around 7ish and stay for bout an hr, hr and a half ish

Done-ish Deal-ish !

im on a black r reg fazer by the way!

Barro / Black R6 / Logo,s and T-Shirt…Now hard can it be !!

06 R6 or the 05?

I’ve currently got a black 05 R6, but am quite tempted by the new one. My bike is due for it’s 6000 mile service in a couple of weeks, might see if I can get a go on the new one, whilst mine is being fettled.

05 R6 Wax…replacement for the one I threw up Shepards Bush Road last year !!.

oic! I’m pretty happy with mine. My only complaint was that putting a can on the bike fecked up the fuelling, so I had to get a PCIII and dyno done to get it running sweet. First time I’ve ever had a bike that needed the fuelling messed with after putting a race can on…

Still, it is running soooooo sweet since I put the PCIII on…108 at the back wheel ain’t going to win any GP’s though

we have the same bikes then !!

Yup. Although when my wife goes back to work and there is a bit more cash floating around the Waxy household, I may well be in for a K6 Gixer 750…

I had a problem with my 04 R6 fueling after putting a Yoshi Race Can on it aswell! Come to think of it my 06 R6R is even worst with just 75miles to the tank however the Laser Xtreme System is a megaphone pipe so one would assume less fuel economy anyway Oh yea and BTW get the 06 R6R its amazing!!!