Today the 9th

Anyone fancy a rideout today ? there’s a few of us meeting up at the Ace. Meeting at 1.30pm & leaving at 2pm probably going to highbeech

Sorry no learner’s as it may invovle goin on a motorway

Bugger, was late on this one - but have a look at D675’s thread about a ride tomorrow.

No worries SheWoolf…

Just got back… Good quick ride out with Terry Moto, Tug 1400 and soon to be recruited newbie ‘Swill’… I’m considering a name change after the boys gave me a new nickname…

And wots the nickname and I fink it’s spelt sweal

Shame u missed it Seewolf, had a pukka kebab cant make 2mora, been on the bike all week, need a rest

lol Tel, might make it my ‘signature’… :stuck_out_tongue:

ear tel…we ought to go to that pukker pie and mash shop in the bush… next time