Today Sunday 13th can't do the Jets run but lunch at?

I can’t do the Jets run as I have to back mid afternoon but fancy a ride out for a lunch stop closer… thought may be H cafe (Foxy’s diner) near Oxford or even Box Hill or Newlands corner … anybody interested? could either meet at the Ace or where ever open to suggestions

OK, weather a bit here and there but will be heading out between 10.30 - 11 ish still not sure where but will stay live on here until I leave in case someone is up for ride…

Got bike out just after 11 o’clock, mmm mm raining:(, so had a cup of tea:D… 10 mins later rain stopped so head off, take wigley route to Newlands Corner, takes about and hour, only half a dozen bikes there…
Had a cup of tea ;)and got chatting to a guy riding a F800GS covered in mud whos been green laneing all morning. Half hour later head off through the Surrey Hills towards Box Hill. Maybe a dozen or so bikes their, had a cup of tea:P and chat with another guy on his own from Crawley.
Half way home i’m wishing I hadn’t drunk so much bloody tea:blink: but make in pain without a stop…put the bike away and the kettle on!on:D

No idea why I am making this post…can’t imagine why any body would be interested unless they like tea… best have a brew then:)

i like tea :slight_smile:

If ya like it round there I’m doing a run next weekend starting from Box! Trying to drum up some people to join in…

Was gonna pop out today to meet you at Box but the time I noticed the post (just after I woke up) it was already too late!

Hope you had a good ride anyway, it was spitting here in Esher/Kingston.


Just for you Geoff (and your readers) …

LINKY HERE (as they say ‘it’s all out there’)

Hi Chris At the moment I can’t do Saturday next weekend I’m afraid got other stuff on but if things change yeah I’d be up for the ride. What about Tim’s ride Sunday would that get you up and running … Geoff

Thanks John ‘a nice cup of tea and a sit’ brilliant… :smiley: