Today - Saturday 21st July

Anybody out to play today? I’m fancying a ride to Boxhill then a play on the A272

Head hurts too much

mine too, i had one hell of a headache when i woke up

haha, that’s how I was last week

Ended up meeting Ang, her husband and Dean (guy from Ace) and we went to Foxs Diner. We managed to avoid the rain all day until we were 20 mins from home and then boy did we get it!!!

I rode down to the Alton Cafe, got there had been dry all the way to find cafe had closed 10 minutes before we arrived, headed back and must have hit every monsoon on the way back, at least i know my waterproofs are waterproof must stick wintergloves under seat this summer, still its all good experience

Soaked right through to me knickers! That’s what I get for only coming out in jeans… only thought I was meeting hubby for a spot of lunch at the Ace but ended up with Sherrie and Dean and the monsoons.

Waste of blinking time cleaning my bike this morning… oh and filling the washing line up before I went out as it’s all back in the washing machine again.

Ever felt like you should’ve stayed at home? lol

hey triskie you came to my town and didnt pop in and say hello…am gutted…

Well if i had known that, we could all have had a cuppa in Alton after all , next time i will let you know we are coming down, I will definately be going back I must have a ride on the Steam Train …

ooh dont get me on steam trains I am an A4 pacific fan and the watercress line has one of the old bulleyed A4’s and sometimes Sir Nigel Gresley ( the guy who designed the A4’s ) train owned by Alan Sheperd (not sure if thats his first name) the guy who paints all the wild animals etc…is on the line and that is a real, beauty, same stremalined model as the Mallard fastest steam train ever…

If your coming down, yes let me know, your all welcome to partake of tea and coffee and maybe if the weathers good I will join you for part of the ride/return.