few of us heading down… I got the LB stickers on a blue CBF…

come and say hello…

Mother in law is coming for sunday lunch…

Tell her about the new bike Cezar !


Take her for a ride on a niew bike

I’m coming for a hot chocolate! Take the Vespa baby for a spin!

right I’m off, see you up there…

Guys , the woman is the devil in person! I’m in my office and won’t go down for anything… well , only for the roast, it’s bloody smelling good from here… Tell her? Not sure she knows about the first bike I got! I haven’t even told my wife properly yet…

dead man walking… hehehe

All went well in the end! well… I will have to buy a new blender, mixer, lights and few other things for the house that I said I didn’t have money to buy before … But I’m here and with all my teeth in the right place!

Oh, Cezar, you missed a great race between Kevin and Darryl. Kevin was racing ahead in all manner of reckless boyracer maneouvres while Darryl was still checking that his seatbelt was done up, and proceeded to drive carefully, sticking to the speed limit!

So should we see Darryl like this now?

hey paivi, you were even a better driver than me on that; and your a woman!.

im just going through all the offences kevin committed

Starting with driving without a licence!

lol I play too many computer games… god I hope I don’t drive a car in real life like that lol

You and me both! Can’t believe I trashed the Lamborghini about 10 times… Best stick to the other Italian design classic, the Vespa!

lol I’ll stick with jap crap, its more reliable