Today 1st Feb 11am

Shewoolf and me are meeting at the Ace, leaving at 11am to go out for a ride, if anyones at a loose end feel free to tag along, if you’re hard at work slaving away…shame

Im sitting here at work jealous…

Bugger, i was off tuesday and am off tomorrow can we syncronise days off next time please ladies

Aww Jackie that was a shame… we did about 130+ miles today, my wrists are killing me and I know Sherries are too, I’m not stopping at anymore bike shops to try on poxy leathers… They only cater for tall slim people, not normal height lard arses. I could get them on, do em up but the bloody knees were at my ankles

Have you got a test booked yet?

Spoke to Girls Bike 2 at Excell today, the new leathers should be in stock end of Feb

Woot! It’s about time, now that I’ve been measured up for Crowtrees. Impeccable flipping timing, that

Sods law I tell ya

Yep, my wrists and back are killing, but another great ride, thanks Ang And my bike is now pretty much run in (545) miles. She can have a service now.

I’m with you on the leathers hun, I have accepted the fact that I cannot have leathers off the peg so I’m going the custom made route.

As for GirlsBike2, I believe they’re getting leathers from Frank Thomas in soon in bigger sizes. Why can’t more companies follow suit

Too bad that i was back from work yesterday morning and need some sleep if not i will join you with a pleasure

Saturday and Sunday are meant to be sunny and dry? Whose up for a ride?

I have visitors (that don’tride ) coming to stay thisweekend so no playing for me

i cant see that as a problem…show them the kitchen layout and the tv remote…jobs a goob un

I’ve done that to my sister a couple of times