Today - 18 November

Anybody fancy a blast this afternoon. Leave from Ace at 1pm. Route to be confirmed

I probably wont be online again before leaving so if you’re up or it call or text me 07802 642 882 or just be at the ace.

Just a update if anyone’s up for a blat…spoke to shewolf & we are now leaving the Ace @ 2pm there be a couple of us newbies there so bring ur sticks

God that was cold…!!!..just starting to warm up a bit now.

cheers every one that showed up


Yep woz cold, even aftter buying cold killer inner gloves whilst out ( dont waste ur money there sh*t ) still couldent feel me fingers.

Was a intresting ride though

fink il get 1 of them tom tom’s

Nice to put some faces to names

Cheers for the rideout Shewolf & all that came

Cold Killers gloves are crap!!! We all wasted our money, lol.

Nice to meet some new faces today

I had a nice warm ride home

You and your knowledge were missed today hun. How’s the bike?

It’s sick, nice warm ride in the AA truck went down well when the weather dropped lol.

I’m sure it’s the fuel injector, power commander isn’t showing any life either so it’s going to my bike Dr Monday morning.

bummer, can you use one of your others until it’s better?

sounds like i had the best ride out then…

in my van with my boys going to the ski slope in Chatham

sorry i couldnt make it with you all though

bit late .nice meeting you and amimalll good ride out do it again some time,sorry forgot ladys name… meet her again…and tom tom…lol