To Who Ever You Are

I was recently separated from my ride by an ignorant Uber driver who thought it a good idea to do a U turn without consulting his mirrors beforehand. It so happened that the key witnesses (A black male driving a black Audi & an NHS patient transport crew) who also acted as first response/aiders were absolutely magnificent in how they dealt with the whole situation. They stayed with me right up until the ambulance arrived, they did a professional handover then promptly disappeared. I have absolutely no idea who any of you guys are, But know this. I am without doubt eternally grateful for you speedy intervention.
So if you were part of that team on Tottenham High Road at 19.05 on 26/06/19 THANK YOU…


Hope you’re not too badly hurt GWS

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Im good thanks mate… I was lucky. Just severe bruising in back, 2 swollen ankles nad a concussion.

Man that’s shit. Good to hear some kind souls stopped and helped.

Get well soon.

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I hope that Uber driver’s insurance pays up without fuss.

GWS mate.

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The police had him for some time, and the officer that came into the ambulance wasnt impressed by him. Its a done deal…


If you want to make contact see if there is any NHS Twitter feed to post it on.
(Not sure exactly how that works but it seems to be what people do)


@T_cat Ilike that… Good shout.

Hope you get better soon. Concussion can be a bitch, so take care.

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@Kevsta thanks mate… it aint nice but at least I know now how well constructed an Arai really is…

London ambulance are very good at passing thanks onto fair crews, if you tell them what little information you have they find who it was, and pass your thanks onto them and their supervisor (and mentioned in the monthly news letter)

There’s dedicated staff who look at what you know (times, nature of incident, location etc) to find the correct crew, it’s its a NHS patient transfer crew then they will find them


@Boris Much appreciated. It’s the least I can do…

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