To touch up or not

Question, will be part-ex’ing my bike soon. And due to the build quality on 125’s and that fact it sits out come rain or shine, there’s a few spots which are showing some rust. Its only surface rust, so I could clean it up and touch up the paint. Mostly they are small area’s (its on the swing arm which is just black.) There’s a larger area by the rear wheel adjuster; where a larger paint chip has come off. And by the foot pegs my boots have warn off some of the paint; and actually the surface rust…

Now, should I not really care about this, or do you think I should touch it up. My concern is if its a visible touch up that will look worse than the surface rust that’s visible. Third option is to see what price they offer in its current state.

What do you think, worth spending the time, effort + money?

Just polish the bike including g the rust spots

I’d walk away from a bike that looked ‘too clean’ although you’d be better off selling privately. 1) you’ll achieve a higher selling price and 2) with cash in hand you’ll have better buying options.

When i asked to part exchange my CBF 125 i got offered £850. The day after i posted on gumtree i sold it for £1000 to the first guy that came. In hindsight i probably should have asked more, but point is check the waters first before you commit to part exchange.

fair point - I’ve contacted two dealers who’ve given me a rough estimate already. Tbh if they offer to low I’ll sell it privately.