to the yellow/gold 675 on the Old Kent Road at 08:50 this morning

LOL :smiley:
was so busy studying the bike and listening to the great exhaust, i left me indicator on for most of that road…doh!

sounded as good as Arnie’s bike at Brands :w00t:
don’t think it was a two bros though

Maybe Jardine then :slight_smile:

But remember, 675’s are **** bikes! Never get one ! You have to top up oil all the time, and all the problems with it, you have to put petrol in it etc, just don’t make this mistake, Honda is better, even Suzuki looks more reasonable :D:D

DO NOT BUY ONE as you will be very disappointed… If you looking for a great sound, get a big Vtwin…
But for the love of god, leave the 675 in the dealers forecourt

i thought you idolised your 675 Arnie :smiley:

seriously though, i have heard a lot of bad things about their reliability, they seem to have taken over the Duke reputation of old, soul v reliability trade off

am very happy with my dependable CBR600F at the moment, still cant corner for the love of jaysus but thats cause all i do is commuting at the moment…will sort this out with some extra training soon

I been stupid that day… Just stay away from 675 and you will be safe.

675 NOT GOOD - simple as that

why whats happened to urs?

Absolutely right. DO NOT BUY ONE.
Bad looking, not reliable, bad handling, bad power delivery, etc…

you should stop advertising it so heavily on your signature then :wink:
what you going to get next?

Still baffled by the din coming off a CBR125 this morning going through Streatham. Aftermarket exhaust or just a big hole?:smiley:

Ah 675 owners… a cliquey group that want no outsiders polluting their pack…

Actually Ian, they just don’t want the competition for AA/RAC recovery from the hard shoulder.

You can’t pollute if the bike ain’t running :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I agree. Look at Curtis for example how many problems he had! 675s are not right bikes, unless you want to call AA at least once a week don’t get them.

damn shame really, cause they are bootiful to look at