To the Orange Ninja through limehouse link this morning

I thought I was quick filtering to the City but damn!

I think it was a girl :slight_smile:

Theres a moped that goes through every morning and guarantee without fail I always find him (WW91 *** is his reg I think) About 7.15am.

He hogs the middle and doesn’t move over for anyone…

I wish there was more that don’t hold others up…

I dont hit the tunnel till about 8:45 but I maybe would have seen him on the way home. Is the rider in a suit wearing a “designer” momo helmet? :hehe:

Not sure… Il have to have a look next time I see him…

Im thinking of getting a really loud speaker for that tunnel with a pre set recording…


It might rectify the constant problem…

Limehouse link is mental for filtering. And for peds holding it all up!!!

Try following Nivag filtering through London… I know I’m a relative novice but he’s pretty quick!

Nivag? He learned all he knows about filtering in Brussels :smiley:

Daws1989 (09/09/2013)

Theres a moped that goes through every morning and guarantee without fail I always find him (WW91 *** is his reg I think) About 7.15am.


91 reg?

Not surprised he’s fast he’s from the future! (2041 I think).

Probably a jet powered hover bike or Tron on a time travel holiday to Limehouse???:D:hehe:

Ahh yes, spotted that blonde lass on the orange ninja a few times at various point between Lodge Avenue/A13 and Tower Bridge Road. She certainly doesn’t hang about. Often filtering through a lot quicker than I’d be comfortable with.

Triang - Ross (09/09/2013)

W91 or something then… LOL

He’s not fast he’s bloody slow!

Yes, she is a girl.


I commute so damn early there are rarely any bikes about.

Coming home can be a pain though, people so impatient and drive like such twats its actually frightening.

The worst part is: their forward vision is absolutely sh!t, so they will filter quickly taking ridiculous risks to gain 1 foot of ground, but because their forward vision is so rubbish, I am always right behind them at the next set of lights.

They remind me of WWI generals who had no idea how to fight a modern war and threw away lives to gain a foot of muddy ground in the middle of bloody nowhere…you think about it and you just wonder…why? What was the point? What did you gain?

Yeah… She’ll keep filtering at that speed until she wipes out, then she’ll realise it’s time to slow down…

unfortunately so…

a hero till ya get wiped out…i tend to think those that filter quick, haven’t hit the floor in their riding lifetimes…yet.

i cant talk tho, i used to be a right twat…used to be?:smiley:

stop holding up those poor defenceless mopeds…YOU FUCKING BIG BULLY:angry::satisfied:

I don’t hold any one up… HE F*CKING HOLDS ME UP!!!