To the MODS

Is there an LB flag or anything at all? Something i can brighten up my living area with instead of all these crappy football flags everyone else has. Will send pics and return it at the end of my tour :smiley:

well there is an LB Gazebo…

lol, dont think id have room for the gazebo. And there is a 2kg limit on parcels

would you like one of these?


Oh, and anything else you’re missing from home?

To clear up the “2kg limit on parcels” for anyone sending anything over (cos we looked it up):

Anything over 2kg has to go by Parcelforce, anything under that weight goes for the usual parcel rate for the UK - the Post Office don’t add the air mail charge on;)

Ooh yeah :smiley:

If your gona go by the shop tell them its for me and wherw i am and ask for any other freebies they fancy sending me out here :wink: Ive actualy got the t-shirt here with me that they gave me free.

Daywalkers are sending me out a t-shirt and their Album for nout too :smiley: Thought they where mega when i went to see them in Manchester.

Oh and as for anything else im missing how about sending me over a SD top play on :laugh:

Cheers Dries

Parcelforce are pretty flaky & probably aren’t up to shipping a SD:w00t: (Otherwise we’d requisition Slipper1’s and send that over):smiley:

I got a message for the MOD BODS. Why do you keep removing threads??

Whats the point of a forum if you keep deleting stuff?

look closely…it just happened again!!!

Fair enough, its for a good cause :wink:

yeah, the one’s gone that was about the one that’s gone :laugh:



@ ASBergers - would the ‘get out of paying postage’ thing work from Barcelona? I could find endless crap to send you :slight_smile: hehe

Yes indeed the original one has gone - as has the one about the one that’s gone.

However the odd posts hinting at misdeeds and missing threads remain…

Suffice it to say the original recipient for whom the original post was intended saw it. I am sure had the thread stayed as it was intended (a genuine attempt to impart advice it would have stayed. I think the public ‘outing’ got a bit out of hand - no matter how well intended so I removed it.

The G man’s post went the same way when I sent him a PM about it.

There’s not much else to say on the subject…

Meanwhile Back on topic…

We will have to see what we can do about a flag!


This is Ktm Centre in Croydon (i.e. InMoto), not The KTM Centre in Hemmel which I assume is the one you mean?
Anyway, PM me the address and I’ll see if I can pick up some bits and pieces.
Anybody who wants to add anything, let me know, maybe we can assemble a parcel for the young hero :slight_smile:

Oh, and the SD, surely an 690 Enduro R would be more useful out there? :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a time when the interesting threads would be left up for a week so everybody got a chance to see them before they were censored…:satisfied:

there was also a time (probably in my utopian HEAD) when people had the decency to reply to their own thread before getting them locked!

there is a word when somebody uses high connection to make things go as they please … we use it a lot in italy, what is it?

begins with ‘M’.


Sheesh can you not all sod off and start your own bitching thread about censorship :stuck_out_tongue: The mods do a good job so let them crack on.

Now wheres that flag? ha ha.

Yeah, i was thinking the one in Hemel Dries.

Thanks to slipper for donating his SD, sooner you get it over here the sooner i can get it armoured up ready for ops :smiley:

Dunno bout that one garret but i doubt it :frowning: