To the Jetstreams

Thanks for a wonderful ride out, took the dry spots of the chain and the rust spots from my throttle wrist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about the bike, I hope the next steps go smoothly!

Look forward to the next one, maybe with a ZZR1400!

Thanks Steve.

I have just got back to Wembley - we had to ask the recovery truck driver to bring us here so Chris could collect his house keys, and they are taking the bike back to his now. Luckily he turned up at about 4 pm and was a very plesant chap to chat to. The traffic wasn’t so bad on the way home either.

Hope you all got back without getting too wet:)


What happened to the triumph?

It got knocked over by a driver while parked up (we were in a pub eating lunch at the time). Luckily she enquired whose it was instead of driving away, and we came home via recovery truck as it wasn’t rideable.

thanks so much for taking us out, gutted about your bike, what a way for her to end her days, after all those corners, cravelly roads, and rainy days, the bike gets murdered by an idiot who cannot drive while its parked!!

Typical!!! But see you again soon!!!

It was very, very sad to see her taken off down my road on the back of a truck after 62K+ miles and nearly four years of fun, four brilliant holidays abroad and loads of weekends.

We’ll see what happens next. :ermm:

Yes what a ruddy nightmare. I was all going so well, then that useless old bag intervenes. If you want to keep it of course you could just claim straight of her/her insurance rather than let your insurance write it off (if it works out too expensive).

Thanks for the day out, however, got home in the dry! :cool:

How’s that video looking Rixxy?? :smiley:


if she goes…i can see you two on a 1050 sprint;)

Seems doubtful Russ, the pillion seat is a bit too high.

How did that sentence not end ‘SV 1000’?!

Cos he knows we’re not that ********** :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know ‘stupid’ had that many letters! :smiley:

Oh guys…so sorry…had my 6f knocked over when parked at a service station in the summer…some people! Luckily the luggage took the impact and no real damage for me,

Kawasaki ZZ1400R - I read the Sunday times review just yesterday…sounds fugging awesome! You know it makes sence!

+1 very comfy as well, sat on one yesterday

Sorry to hear about the Trumpet Jetstream.

You and your missus were like greased lightning on that thing! :cool:

At least the useless berkess in the cage had the decency to own up.

BIG thanks to GoF, Rixxy, Bricking It & Spere for staying with us, and the practial & moral support at the time (Sorry guys, should have said that straight away).

I’m so sorry to hear about your prang. At least you could wait in a pub! :smiley:

Hope it gets sorted quickly and painlessly as possible :crying:

If you get a 125 - you are more than welcome to join our crew - and maybe the others would have a chance to keep up with you on other Sundays :smiley:

Blimey, very sorry to hear this, Chris and Julie. How badly was your bike damaged - did she completely write it off?