To the bloke on the BMW with panniers...

Let me get past, you nugget, my bike is narrower than yours so I can filter more effectively/quickly.

I know he saw me behind him, I saw him check his mirrors, but did he move over to let me past, did he ******. Tosspot!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe.

lol. these posts always pop around march/april time :wink:

I had this happen to me last year. I was going to have a go at him when I manage to pass him at Hanger Lane. But instead I pointed out to him that his rear tyre was down to the canvas, got told to F off and mind my own business.

Gotta love BMW riders who block everything with panniers.

I had some bum nugget on a scooter the other week stop at the front of a set of lights I was squeezed in between 2 cars thinking he would let me out as well… did he ****** mad me wait although he turned and looked at me…

revenge is sweet though saw him about a week later on my push bike, took the time to slow him down hopfully he learnt his lesson

Why are BMW riders so anti-social? :stuck_out_tongue:

To match BMW car drivers !

Dont go there, the jag drivers will feel left out!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to get me a BMW, just so I can wind peoples up.

I’m in one (car) most days but we’re nice !!! :smiley:

Generally I don’t like to have a go at other riders even if they are riding like complete tits. The only time I will confront another rider is if they ride in such a way to really endanger me. Then I don’t care what you are driving/riding, if your actions might stop me from going home to my family then you are going to get abuse and quite possibly a punch in the face.

Exactly…And thank **ck there aren’t any Audi or Merc bikes! :slight_smile:

Yep, had a BMW with panniers in front of me the other day on an A road in town, every time I moved out to overtake he pulled out in front of me to block me, often then not overtaking.

I could see him in his mirrors looking at me, the b*****d. After what felt like ages of this, there was a clear break in the traffic coming the other way so I zoomed past him & the car in front way across towards the other kerb. He then kept well back from me, particularly when I slowed for no reason…

What is it with them?

2" d!ck?


hectordog (31/03/2009)

+1 :smiley:

OI !!! :slight_smile:

oi nowt wrong with us Jag drivers


You saying BMW riders only come out in the spring?


Are BMW riders the Harley wannabes who don’t like polishing?

Nope…they are full time polishers;):slight_smile:

because all sportsbike riders are pushy gits with a death wish and no manners ? :P;)