To skull or not to skull?

I’ve been working on some decals for the Bus’s fairings. But being a bit of a tat freak I think I might be skull blind? Wanna go with the skull - but is it stereotypical of someone like me? :smiley:

Maybe a symbol of a devil might work better with the name?:wink:

I’ve drawn a couple of diablos ’ Vince Ray’ style - not entirely happy with them. Might be worth another sketch or 2 :wink:

think the skull makes the (D) next to it appear less significant if that makes sense?

I prefer it skull-less :wink:

But then I have never had a skull on my bike so am I qualified to comment :stuck_out_tongue:

true, but as its going on a fairing, it may get lost in the wrap around? So I guess I should really draw out the fairing shape (with holes) first?

I know ultimately its all about personal preference. I’m just used to slapping skulls on everything. Maybe jets right and it needs a Diablo?

I don’t think I even need to say which one I prefer! :wink:

remove everything **but ** the skull :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot the Gothic font LOL

And “chick”

But I like it as it is really… Maybe some circles and flowers…

El Tel…
first design man, with the skull looks better, already have the DOG LONDON logo in view so no need for the D on its own, skull sets it off and defo suits ya bud:D

been sketching my self, need a decent R in graf style for a tattoo, even if gets the go ahead will get a sticker made up, tis hard deciding tho!!! god knows how many sketches i have done…and thrown cos it aint looking riiiiiight!

Go for the skull - I’m thinking of going for a large jolly roger skull and bones on each side of my black zx7r :smiley:

thought this was an advert for london ink:D

Yeah fugg it - Skull it is, so I’m a stereotype. :smiley:

I’d go for the skull one, looks cool :smiley:

I know you said you are going with skull but show us a design with a Diablo to confuse everyone :wink:

You must be reading my mind, just going through my books now looking for something :smiley:

The skull looks wicked to me!!! :wink:

I like the D…The skull is passe and makes you look like you should be riding a cruiser.

Sorry mate :wink:

OK so now I’m a little torn, old/new/joker???

OK - maybe not the joker. :smiley: