To Sig or Not to Sig... That is the question

Just a quick straw poll to gauge forum opinions…

Should images in sig lines be…

  1. Allowed (on condition that they are externally hosted and of a small size and not indecent etc)?


  1. Disallowed entirely?



(looks for pitch fork)

You know this will disappear anyway

im for em mate…why not?


I vote for 1

No. 1 Of course !

Brightens up the page ! (err you can see where my sympathy is…)


Number 1, whats the big problem ?

Number 1, whats the big problem ?

HA HA HA love it smiled !

Do you think if we all add the tag signature that we will all be booted out?

No Bods no Hassle !

No1 Im for them it makes the page brighter

If kept to a resonable size internal or external

if they are e.g. 2cm x 6cm

But that has got to be accross the board for all no exceptions

i shouldnt reply to this seeing as you didnt vote for me wiggy but…

as long as its not huge and with boobs and stuff what the heck

(unless it causes problems computerwise and im not up with computer talk so i didnt really understand the explaination given to why you couldn’t have your sig)

I’m for 'em.

They have them on all the proper forums you know!

Your pics gone to

Yep. for em…

You can click here!

I have to be controversial here and say that I am also for them as I feel that it gives us MEMBERS a voice and allows us to express ourselves and our businesses.

Blimey, where did she come from?

i think they should be aloud!

If the mods are against it, then its a yes vote from me

Girls aloud maybe?

Naked, apart from a set of knee sliders and Alpine stars supermoto gloves.

Oh, hang on; stick a Arai on the ginger one.!

In view of the fact that wiggy told the mods he wasn’t gonna remove his “icantfitstuff” sig despite their threats, and so far his sig is still there, can we take that as LB member=1, Mods= nil??