To R&G or not to R&G?

After my and a few other LB members off’s I have a problem with R&G, there not tough or long enough, In my recent off the swing arm reels worked wonders the front fork sliders weren’t touched but the main fairing protectors just got ground away and bent meaning all my fairings on the left side got scuffed and scratched now I know the damage would have been even worse without them but now im on ebay re-buying the panels and don’t want to fit them along with new R&G’s just to have them all scratched and cracked after another off.

So what can I do?

Metal Mushrooms: Might have to be my next move as they won’t melt down like the plastic ones, but was told it will take longer for it to slow down meaning theres more chance of it sliding into things at a higher speed.
Ask R&G: To make me longer mushrooms, have a funny feeling that won’t happen.
Stop Tarmac Surfing: Yeah right!
Bubble Wrap: Might work.

Tough call but there are other manufacturers out there, Double Hard Mushrooms as an example and Rhencullen I have heard good reports about, dont have any personal experience as had R&G and they have saved me (mostly) but they were staionary and low speed drops.

Bungs are ment to bend. If they didn’t they’d snap off or cause damage to the frame/engine/fixing point.

They’ll only do so much, depends what speed you “off” at.

Iggy is correct, and this debate is a long one no doubt. Some say, correctly, that these products can cause more damage than otherwise if they dig in and flip the bike. That’s why racers rarely have them - but then again, you’re not part of a race team are you?

CSG Moko are another brand to consider, and I would definitely speak to people like R&G to see whether they could supply a longer mushroom, but in my view - both my bikes have them - they are worth it.

Way I see it :

  1. Drop it at low speed - They should save an expensive bill from a (being honest) stupid mistake.

  2. Bin it at high speed - if they do as your’s did (what they are designed to do) the bike will have slowed down by the time the really expensive stuff starts hitting the deck ie. the engine casings and frame/swingarm. If the bungs catch on a kerb for instance and flip the bike then that’s my hard luck. But I really think it would be too late to start crying about the ‘excessive’ damage the R&Gs caused when I flung it down the road!!

Perhaps for you DA, had you not had them your engine would have taken a beating? Know which I’d prefer to be replacing…

Andrew&7 I was not talking about excessive damage that could be caused by R&Gs as I would rather have them on my bike and take the small risk, I just want & need to know where I can get longer ones, longer R&Gs even if they got bent my fairings would still have been saved

I think ill give them a call and let you all know how it goes!

What speed were you doing when you came off? I came off at around 100mph and my R&G fairing bungs did a superb job (on a Gixxer). The swingarm bobbins on the other hand snapped the lug off the swingarm… And my fork protectors didn’t have a mark on them.

It sounds like yours did part of the job that they are designed to do i.e. dissipate energy in a higher speed crash (by wearing down and bending) and save fairings in a lower speed off. Longer ones could be a good idea - pls keep us updated.

R&G should be able to help you out DA. You got remember that crash bungs are only designed to prevent FRAME damage and fairing damage.

I love my R & G’s because since I have fitted them I have not:-

  1. Forgotten to remove disk lock

  2. Pulled any stupid powere wheelies

  3. Forgotten to put my feet dwon when I come to a stop

  4. Been grass surfing on the bike

  5. Had cause to test them (Touch wood).

R & G’s are the best bungs IMHO, but then if you would be happier with longer ones so be it. Let us know what ya find.

R&G has tested their stuff well mate and they found that if they are any longer and harder the chances of you crack your frame is huge. the safest way to go is to miniminaze the damage but if you want to stop your fairing to get damage at anything more then 10mph? Don’t crash!

Erm indeed, I don’t know why I went on so much there! LoL Old age I guess, any excuse for a story… LoL LoL

fridayman I was doing about 35mph, I got knocked off just before a junction.

PeeJay I know mate but its the Fairings that got damaged, not beyond repair but damaged all the same, ebay has most of the fairings I need but now my wallets all damaged too

Cezar I tried not crashing but I promise to try harder in future.


Ill keep you all in touch with what R&G say, thanks for you help

35mph and the bung didn’t save the fairing… Did the bike just slide on a flat surface? If so, I would deffo have a word with R&G.

Well after I flew off it all went kinda fuzzy and as far as I can make out she never hit anything just slid

They do seem to listen to customer feedback and appreciate it enough quite often by posting a new set. Send them some pics and a nice letter
and cross your fingers.

I have always used R&G bungs on my road and race bikes. They will stop fairing damage at low speeds (usually) and frame damage at high. I have unfortunatly tested them on road and track and would not be without them. Most club racers use them as the flipping that sometimes occours when they diging is purely luck of the draw.

you can always get one of them cage thingys the stunters use!!

Have you been drinking Mr M, I need to keep the bike looking good but with better protected fairings that cage thing just doesn’t do it in the looks dept!

Im still waiting for R&G to get back to me.

An american company called motosliders make long bungs. The yanks rave about them! theres a few stories i’ve heard of the bungs taking an impact instead of your leg! i’ve just ordered some today, i’ll let you know how it goes

I know my 9 year old has got an old pair of stabilisers around somewhere, I’ll put in a good word for you if you want, just give us the nod.

Welcome to LB gettin2dizzy

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Oh and thanks for the info ill check them out even though I just ordered R&G’s from work, but let us know how you get on.