To plug or not to plug!!!

Ok, so Westie Poo’s here has got a screw in his almost new rear tyre, here’s some pics of it, general opinion on whether it can be plugged or not?

Go for it - unless tyre fitter says different - I’ve always plugged me tyres and never had a problem - and that means riding at over a ton on them as well.I only had one tyre where the bolt that was lodged in it was so big that a repair was impossible.

Only reservation with this tyre is the position of the proposed plug - as it’s close to the edge of the tyre etc - but i guess a professional opinion is what you need. :wink:

Righto i will try it! thanks matey im hoping they can plug it…

I’d plug it - I had a 4" nail in a similar place on my rear tyre last year.Used the trusty underseat puncture repair and it was fine until I’d worn all the tread off the tyre.

Looks to me like that one can be plugged. Dont you just hate it when that happens to a new tyre.

I feel ya pain westypoos :smiley:

had this last year! three in a row! aparently its feeecking good luck :crazy:

anyway got this one plugged no probs :smiley:



thanks guys, im hoping i can do it, ive bought one of those plug kits from infinity, do you reckon i can do it myself? and it also recommends that the max speed i can do is 60mph?

Do it yourself and ignore the 60mph maximum.
Mine regularly did 150+ with a plug in…

get it done professionally it will cost about £25

The ones you do yourself are pushed in from the outside and seal under pressure from the tire and glue.
Get it done in a shop and they will remove the tire from the rim and repair from the inside. the kits are good but best used for emergencies only :slight_smile:

B— Plug it Westie :smiley:

Beat me to it :wink:

Wondered how long it would take someone to suggest this lol :laugh: Had my money on you or Ang :stuck_out_tongue:

DONT do it ya self, if it was in teh middle i’d day yeah, plus th ekits you can buy are crap really compared to how teh tyre sho will plug it.

go tyre shop they should plug that, essential rubber charge £20 i believe.

I( would have thought that def pluggable - but i would def take to a shop for peace of mind…

i’d sort out ya chicken strips after too :stuck_out_tongue:

While you’re at it, get thet fuggin R** T*** off too:P;):smiley:

well westie likes him rim to look all pretty n clean :sick:

Yeah that ^ :slight_smile:

plug it westie looks like you dont use much of the tyre !!!:smiley:

I got my RR plugged at Essential Rubber, was about £20ish. Was fine afterwards. Tyre pressure was always spot on.

Nice chicken strips by the way!:D:D:D