to let: Garage for one or two bikes - SW15/ A219/ Putney Hill/ A3


Garage no longer available.

Thanks for any interest.


I am after a short term let (nov/dec/jan) I know probably not ideal for you but if your interested let me know


bump :slight_smile:

bump to let

Spaces still free in the garage Putney!

Hello mate,im looking for Jan-april if that would be ok please pm me cost etc

If Garret’s has gone I know someone else with a garage in Putney that is often for hire.

PM replied to.

Not gone yet Jules.

Less hijacking, there’s a good lad :wink:


I am looking for a garage space over dec/jan/feb, and potentially little longer if u still have space and the timing sounds OK please PM me what you are thinking in terms of cost.



Perhaps it might help if you listed a price? :wink:

Possibly, but then again, as it can change (among other reasons I won’t go into), listing the price might not help.
If you’re interested in the garage, please PM me, if not, there’s no need.