to get back on the road

just wanted to share with some people. I had my first accident about six weeks ago. my pride and joy was completely trashed. there was no one else involved, it was purely down to my error, I put it down to a learning curve, as ive only been riding about a year. the repairs cost several hundred, and as I have a low paid job I have to wait to get paid again, before I get my bike back on the road. theres no particular reason for this post, other than I was wondering if anyone else could share some stories, as although I cant wait to get my bike back, especially with all the sunshine, I don’t think its helped that ive had to wait so lng afterwards to get back to it. many thanks to my fellow LBers, ride safe

much love


We’ve all been there and done that

So long as you walk away and learn from it, our bikes can always be repaired or replaced. My last off, totally not my fault, completly trashed a 12 weeks out of the show room Bonne’. Bit of a dispute over costs, £7k worth of Bonne’ and kit written off in a sub 15 mph road rage nudge from a BMW. The drivers insurance saw it my way just before we walked into Court and paid out. Having fully comp insurance helps get you back on the road sooner rather than later :wink:

that sucks! atleast you got a payout in the end. unfortunately the repairs wernt enough for insurance ( high excess because being a noob) but it was enough to financially stump me for a month. were you ok though? definitely brought a bit of perspective thanks