To Every biker Who Dresses Like a Police Officer

Where you dropped on your head at birth?

I mean its bad enough you stick all that **** all over your bike and imitate a member of society that dedicates there life to doing good and trying to help others.

But i know, you only do it so other drivers are more likely to see you. OK so explain why i keep seeing you sitting in the middle lane of the M1 doing 70 MPH with traffic built up behind you, is that because you a Fuing TT.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with you, every morning you cause a mini traffic jam, you are single handedly the most annoying C**t on the road. If you want to be noticed dress as farther christmas or superman and don’t sit at exactly the speed limit.

Do you feel powerful is that it? Do you also get beat by your wife? I expect so. Also take in mind some people get stuck behind you every day and then they realise its you the guy who dresses like a police officer. I truely hope it annoy’s the real police as much as it annoys everyone else.

Kind regards - the guy who rides past you every day and gives you the international sign for put your seat belt on.:angry:

You should wear this outfit and sit in front of him :smiley:

hahah thats a really good idea, with a swag bag strapped to the back!!!

Why would someone dress as a police officer?

are you sure its not just an actual police officer?

Rixxy is just ranting, he gets all twitchy when he sees a high viz and black writing these days :laugh:

I think I’ve met this wannabe [email protected] on the M3 before.

Ex-police bike, white helmet and bright yellow fluoro jacket.

What a c*nt.

There’s a guy who goes through the lime house link.

Also a guy going through the city with an ex police jacket on

I used to see a guy on the M4 riding a Pan, dressed similar to the police (although it said Pianist) - Police had stopped using Pan’s ages ago so only slowed down the first time!

Same with the effing highways traffic officer vehicles - I hate them, they make everyone slow down because they think its a police car - and some not till the last second because there awareness is being used to talk on the effing phone in a 50k + car - buy a fucking £15 bluetooth set if you need to talk in the car you idiot!!

A rant a day keeps the stress away!:smiley:

Those “Polite” notice vests do my head in. Highly irritating.


But I ride a white bike and wear a white helmet (co-ordination) and notice cars start to behave a bit more when I’m behind them at night :laugh:

They remind me of knickers…they generally cover up a cu…


I’ve just looked up the POLITE range - highly amusing! Might be worth it when next to drivers on their phones…

you mean like this guy who parks in London wall car park? I followed him the other day …no one could get past as he filtered at 5mph and refuses to move over

Oh seriously. Someone have a word with him!


Sorry mate , I wont do it again :frowning:

RE the BMW - Isn’t impersonating a police officer an offence? Because that is clearly what he is doing.

there is no police marking and he has a yellow light instead of a blue light…so I dont think they would get a charge to stick.

Maybe they could charge him with being a knob?

More like dangerous driving… I mean he’s blinding everyone on the road!

Fake police should be taken off the bikes and flogged with a trout!

The only redeeming point in his defense, is that he uses it for Serv. And even then it’d give him a 10 second head start from me kicking his ass!