To commute on a scooter was the best decision I had !

It’s not the square tyres BabyJ… Ben just seems to fall of a lot!!! LOL…

yep, small cars are easy to jump on these, speed bumps make a normal commute like an mx track, infact most road flaws can be used to play on plus if you do drop it its all plastic and cheap to replace AND the best thing is you can stick knobblies on it and get it dirty as u dare. love my ccm, i kno its the only bike i’ve owned (so far…) the only complaint is i just wish it was a wee bit more powerfull from standard stock, as i’ve had it for a few months and i want more out of it already so it’ll be eating my wages soon, new can, 710 kit etc etc

my 1st bike lesson learnt, dont buy from new. atleast where ccm’s r concerned. second hand half the money, all mods done, and change to get a second bike still left in your pocket. but she puts the biggest grin on me mug so that cant be bad. scooters seem too scary for me in the traffic, good fun on holiday but i’d be terrified of the traffic commuting on one in central. like fatter tyres and more power