To Ally.............

Can we PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE see your boobies :smiley:

Ta very much… :D:P

Jaime (04/11/2011)

Can we PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE see your boobies :smiley:

Why !!

rosso (04/11/2011)

Why not is the real question :smiley:

Jaime’s just feeling left out cos we’ve seen them and he hasn’t;):smiley:

WHAT!?!!??! [email protected]!!

Some have even had a good squeeze :smiley: … urghhhh and I don’t mean me! :laugh:

keep talking…:cool::smiley:

Jamie go and have a cold shower:hehe::smiley:

or a hot [email protected] :D:laugh:

you really need to get a grip of youself:D:D

thats what I’ve been trying to do but its a slippery bugger… :pinch::smiley:

you really need to lock the keyboard away when you drink… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

aai :blush:.

update… still no boobies… :crying:

Jaime YOU are in SO much trouble!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Better make sure she has cleaned Captain Slows Jizz out from between them en it geezer…

You get me?..I heard Slow has released his valve a few times on them…



(Guess what I still don’t give a f**k)

They were a lot firmer than I was expecting, I would drop a load on them. :smiley:

I knew when Ange posted you would be along eventually :stuck_out_tongue: And i’m not sure if i should be offended or complimented here LOL

only 1 way to find out :smiley:

She was waiting for you to lick it off i heard thats what ya into :wink:

Jamie if your into hairy boobs and nipples the size of tea cups then your in for a treat :smiley: