To all those people who can't be bothered with capital letters

It’s the difference between, Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse, and Hepling your Uncle jack off a horse.

hahahaha quality

Qual lol! :smiley:

Topic title capitalization not required?

haha great example

haha 2 good examples. :smiley:

If I’m being picky - ‘H’ should be ‘h’ for ‘helping’ when following a comma.

and ‘z’ is an Americanism. Should be an ‘s’.

I know what your thinking… prick :D:D:D

and ‘Hepling’ should be ‘helping’ :slight_smile:

Yep or could be C. S. Lewis writing poetry.

Replacing the commas with quotation marks would help too.

Pretty unpleasant whichever way you read it.

What a picky bunch. I’m not referring to the first post, but what’s come since.

Atomic Punk has a valid point. Those little squiggly red lines under bits of text are not just there to add decoration, they’re there to indicate you’ve got something wrong.

O.K. We all make typos (no apostrophe needed, it’s plural slang) but are full stops and capital letters such a challenge? My wife expects Reception class children in primary schools to master that stuff.

Surely it’s not beyond Londonbikers to reach the English standards of a four year old.

Depends, grammar was something that I was never taught at school. It is something that I have had to learn the hard way.

As for the red line, you only get that if you have a dictionary installed in your web browser, and not all have the option of installing it as an add on.

Aah. I thought the spell/grammar checkers came as standard as I don’t ever remember being without one, but then I’ve “always” used Mozilla Firefox. (The free download one of course.)

As a rampant dyslexic, my spelling is atrocious and apostrophes are a black art, but full stops and capital letters? Not exactly sophisticated grammar.

That pic of the shop front reminds me of something i read in MCN lately…about funny shop names. He said the best one he saw was Frying Nemo (fish & chip shop) :slight_smile:

I saw a shop on the way to Cadwell Park called “It must be stolen” (electrical goods store) their logo is a burglar carrying his loot. :smiley:

We’ll be watching you now :wink: