To all the policemen on here...Thanks! And apologies on behalf of the knobs

I think you do a great job in the face of crap pay, dealing with yobs and the worst society had to offer and general s*** from the public. All the cops I have met, apart from the mean one who gave me a section 59 :wink: have been polite, professional and just getting on and doing a job. And a few have been rather cute :slight_smile: So f*** anyone who gives you sh**, what are they doing with their lives that is so fantastic that its making it better for the rest of us!

You have my love and support xxx


you might want to rephrase that.

matt, another thread where there was a general attack on the police. It was bang out of order!

I only referred to you in the second part of that statement: you are just the worst society has to offer. Answer the question about what you do that is so fantastic and I will happily retract that statement, until then, shut the f*** up!

Who are you trying to impress?

Illiya is far from a yob he dislikes the police so your basically calling a very large amount of the pulic yobs for their dislike!

Some like Kim John il, hitler, pol pot

Er, no one, I just thought that other thread was bang out of order where he was attacking the police given how many nice guys are on here that are police and no-one stepped into defend them. Not everything has to have an ulterior motive.

Maybe Nathan will get a bird back to his new love nest!

Keep up g he’s already moved his mrs in

you really are a cynical bunch :wink:


lululululul GENTwhat makes me fantastic?ive got my own fund helping teenagers get jobs and stay out of gangs…i work in the city of london providing a service without which you wouldnt be able to ride your bike…i donate to numerous charities on a numerous basisi pay my taxes down to the last pennyi am an active speaker for a sixth form and charitytonight im doing a 6 mile run to help the homeless charity "crisis"i stand up on trains when i see an older woman or someone pregnant…and on and on and on…yer i got my negatives…but you jus a middle aged slagg whos confused in life and drinks a glass of wine at LB meets thinks she all this and that…get BOTOX luvv…u got ur heartbroken by next man…cant blame em…GEEENT"worst society has to offer"watch your mouth you GENT

I’ve had some serious run ins with an absolute **** of a copper in the past. Had very senior officers lying through their teeth to me over it. Based on the fact that any copper can really screw you over, I’m more than a little suspicious of the police.Don’t think they’re all bad, but it only takes one.So I’m not anti-polis, just suspicious of 'em all.

What makes me laugh is these occasional flaming attacks on the police only demonstrate what a great job they do!So, the more people who are free to make these attacks against the establishment on a public forum, the better this demonstrates the police are in defending their rights to do so.

Oh, the irony :hehe:

Can i just say that today the coppers i have been dealing with over the theft (then return) of my bike have really been lovely and supportive and called to check i was ok. Ive never had a problem with the police except for one that was incredibly sexist.

But i would like to say thank you to the Hackney police for actually doing something. Oh and the hot sounding copper that has been sorting out my case lol :smiley:

So just what job are the police doing to protect the freedom of the internet? :smiley:

Why don’t you ask the young lady they arrested at the Cenotaph for reading out names just how much the police were protecting her freedom. I think she might have a differing opinion on how well the police protect our right to protest and our freedoms.

How about Brian Haw who was arrested on the day of the opening of Parliament for the new coalition, simply because they didn’t want the unsightly man and protest defiling their beautiful opening of Parliament, or the time the police spent £27,000 disrupting his protest, illegally, and pretended it only cost £7,000. I think he might have a differing opinion on how well the police protect our right to protest and our freedoms.

The police do a tough job, but as I have stated before, too often they are the puppets of those who have interests that are not shared by the populace.

The sooner people realise that sometimes the police are just what you need, and sometimes they are the enemy, the better a society we will live in.

A blanket condemnation of the police or blanket support of the police is just naive.

Hey you got it back? That is awesome! :slight_smile:

+1 Its gonna be a good’en

The people that I’ve found are the biggest critics of the Police and the way they work are … cops themselves. Speak to any of them on a personal level and you’ll hear of the problems that they encounter on a daily basis trying to do their jobs.
I’ll never step in to try and counter someones opinion unless I know it’s wrong or it gets abusive as has happened on here recently. The recent stuff has been resolved and an apology was given, so no need to bring it up again.

Just like any other job, the Police are human, hence there will be problems and they occasionally will do things that they shouldn’t. Of course when things go wrong then it hits the news etc etc. What most people don’t realise in London is that Coppers can deal with 10,000 + incidents a day and statistically speaking the jobs that go wrong or those that are not dealt with correctly are very very few. In an ideal world all incidents would be dealt with perfectly and all Police / Public interactions would have a satisfactory ending for all concerned. Until they make humans perfect though, that ain’t going to happen.