To all the LBers that paid me with alcohol

Thank you.:slight_smile:
That is all.

eeesh!! I’m on beer number 4 - fancy a competition!!

This looks dangerous:Whistling:

Ingvar, the Norse God of Triumphs (or something like that) came through with a bottle of tequila. I doubt this will end well. :smooooth:

I thought you were gonna invite us all for a binge :laugh:

stop sending me music time, its not helping……… or maybe it is hummmmmm.

By 11 pm I was wearing the little plastic hat from the top of the bottle and dancing in my pants. Not pretty. :wink:

Nice sunny start to the day, think i better post tomorrow rides up!

Weather looks good all day tomorrow. :cool:

you calling this good???

its cold and miserable :frowning:

had a work Christmas party last night. boss and I. nice meal in a pub…ended up at £1 strip bar until 2am. :crying::sick::smiley:

Where are these £1 strip clubs? Had messy night to, head sore this morning…

The Griffin and Browns are two such venues from what I’m told…

We were at the griffin :smiley: