to all newbies

My turn to be lazy, just wanted to welcome all the newbies to the LBs.

Wish I could type better and welcome you all on your threads, ( I do try)


Oi, I resemble that!

I have great difficulty in remembering people’s names - I’m always amazed when faces I recognise but cannot place remember mine, so welcome to all who I met for the first time on the France trip, and please don’t feel offended if I blank you when I shouldn’t.

Grumpy Old Git syndrome I guess…

Well I see we have a few more members join so thought it was time to repost this


Just wanted to say HI to all the newbies since I last posted this.

Hope to meet up with you soon at a newbie meet


Just wanted to say hi to all the newbies since my off,

Broken shoulder makes it hard to type

Ride safe all, and hope to be back on the bike soon


Yes, welcome all, and sorry to hear about your off Ian!

Newbie here,first want to wish Ian quick recovery.

Will try my best to come at next Wednesday’s meet at Borough Market.Newbies are shy by default,if you spot a new face on a BMW R1200C Independent or a R850R please come and say hi.

Sorry to hear about your broken shoulder Ian. I wish you speedy recovery.

Thanks all for your best wishes, i’m sure it will be better soon