Title 2010: Annual Charity Motorbike Rally London 2 Tbilisi

Rally Route The ‘London 2 Motorbike Rallies’ are an annual sporting event founded by Levan Vasadze and Lord Clanwilliam. The Rally’s primary aim is raise money for charity. This is supported with an ethos of giving the participants the opportunity to ‘open the mind, free the spirit and test nerves and driver skills’
The rally traditionally encompasses a demanding and adventurous journey across Europe, ending in Tbilisi at Bagrationi 1882, a beautiful champagne factory located on the outskirts of the city.

Annual charity sporting motorcycle rally event established and co-chaired by Levan Vasadze and Lord Gillford, sponsoring the following charities Saphekhurebi, The Shooting Star Children`s Hospice, and SOS Kazakhstan Childrens Orphanage
URL: http://www.london2tbilisi.com
Dates: Departure from London - Wed 22 September 2010
Arrive to Tbilisi - ?
Arrive to Bahrain - Thu 14 October 2010

Rally route : http://www.london2tbilisi.com/?p=OTg=

The Cost of registering with the rally is 500 pounds (to cover the rally`s admin costs). To participate in the rally, go to page - http://london2tbilisi.com/?lan=en&p=MjY= and then complete the registration form