Tips for selling a motorbike.

I’m going to sell my fazer FZS600 2002, it basically get no use at here in London. I hate the roads and I had a serious near-miss that rattled me a bit, so I’m going to ditch off motorcycling for a bit.

I’m very unclear about pricing though, I was thinking in the region of £1,600 for my bike. It has 6 months tax + 6 months MOT, two new tyres, but it has 31,000 on the clock.

I’ve seen fazers selling for around £2,400 which are the same year but they usually have 10-20k on the clock, I don’t have a full service history either, it has been serviced but the book hasn’t been stamped. There are some minor scuffs on the bike but nothing major, it runs fine and has new brakes.

Does anyone know what the general asking price is for a bike like this? Unfortunately it is Yellow, which some people don’t really like :stuck_out_tongue:

Would any dealers be interested in taking a bike off you or that just a terrible option (in terms of that they will give you the lowest value/ book price)

The ebay prices are all in excess of £2,000, but as said milage is all around 10k less.

Try the parkers guide…

"Private Good£1,635

Pretty much on the nose :w00t:

bad time to sell bike atm know quite a few people having issues selling theres

is a buyers market hence just get me a new toy for peanuts :slight_smile:

Yeah this is a bad time of the year for selling bikes :frowning: . I know this rich girl who is looking for a bike, I’m trying to persuade her that it’s a Kill Bill yellow.

Fazer’s seem to be selling fairly well, I’ve seen a few go on piston heads, some older and more expensive than mine too.

well good luck with the sale

miss plum wanted a yellow bike too

Bit late now unfortunately, apologies :frowning:

You could put it on ebay with a 3K reserve and see how high it goes. Then make a 2nd chance offer to the highest bidder.

I bought a silver 2002 fazer from an independent shop a few weeks back for 1600 (It does include a three month warranty).

I wasn’t going to pay more than 1400 for a private one unless the bike was under 18000 miles.

Its a bad time of year to sell if you were selling in Spring you could have probably got closer to 1900.

I’d stick it up for 1600 but be willing to negotiate 100 -200 off.

Best of luck with the sale.

Yeah, good idea. I’m a bit weary after hearing a few stories of pikeys on the net trying to suss out bikes to nick. But I’ll just be closely guarded with the bike, won’t hand over keys…etc.