Tip when buying a new bike

Always take a camera along and take pictures before you buy the bike.

On Saturday I was cleaning down my spanking new Fireblade and I noticed a crack in the fairing below the left headlight. It really pi**ed me off as initially I thought something must have hit me. Upon closer inspection it didn’t have an impact mark so I took photo’s of it and sent them to the dealer via email with a pleading note.

Later in the evening I pulled out the photo’s I took of the bike BEFORE I took possession, during the handover procedure and lo’ and behold there is the crack! (see pic). I was obviously wetting myself to get on and ride the thing away so missed it, but it should have been picked up in the dealers inspection of the bike.

The happy ending is they have agreed (quite rightly) to replace the fairing on it’s 600 mile service. :slight_smile:


Good tip that, and lucky that you did ! Good on the dealers to replace the fairing as well

Yeah a good tip. Glad you got an agreement to get it fixed:)