tinted visor or visor inserts in london?

Hi, anyone know if you can buy tinted visors in town? (more specifically for a shoei xr1000).

Or those tinted inserts you used to be able to buy? (I think oxford used to make them). If I have to get the visor online then I’ll get one of those until it arrives.

Cheers, Iain.

if ya afte an online place http://www.racevisors.co.uk/ is always been good when i’ve used em

+1 for those people, well priced and quick delivery everytime I’ve used 'em.:slight_smile:

+1 also from me - I use these guys all the time. I have a Silver Spectra tinted CX-1V on my Raid II (which would also fit your XR), and use a tinted pinlock insert sometimes on the Clear visor if I can’t be faffed with carrying the clear visor with me all day (if you’re gonna be home after dark), so you can just pull the insert out and bung it in the little bag you get with it to keep it sweet.

see previous on this - lots of people rate racevisors…:wink:


right **on topic ** ,

a while ago i went to a couple of places (Infinity & Metropolis) in London and they dont seem to have any (for legal reasons) on display.

if you said you wanted it for track use only, they might have produced some but not always…

best bet is to ring the bike accessory stores around you and ask, (dont try winking down the phone :wink: )

thanks guys…

found myself riding past the honda dealer on shoreditch high street, pulled up and went in to ask expecting to be out of luck…

the guy up stairs had tinted pinlock and a black or mirrored visor for sale!

bought the black one, told him i wasn’t expecting to get one and he did comment that he didn’t think they should be selling them!

cost me £50 quid for the genuine shoei one, could have saved a fair bit buying on line, but couldn’t be bother waiting as I was fed up with not being able to wear my glasses as I was having to wear sun glasses instead…

thanks for you help guys.