****ting it

When im on the autobahn, and travelling at speeds excess of 150mph, if i see a police car, i slow down!.. i dont know why, because its legal, but i still have that reaction everytime. British police, damn them!.. left me scar’d for life!.

Show off!

ok, i admit, i was trying to make you guys jealous!..

Love it

Well you doing a good job of it. Lucky bugger


His bike dont go that fast !!

doubt a camel would be faster,

give us a go, come on barro, give us a go!..

Yeah yeah …Ok OK…I dont want you crying all down ya best Burka !!

seeya when you come over !!

best before Poker night as you,ll be drinking your loss of ya mind all night !!

got mine at 174 on the speedo at constant, not sure if its actually doing that, probably 10 less is what ive heard, so 164.

Oodie…you’ve got ur clocks set to KPH now you plonker!!!


miss ya mate!!!

get on barro!!!..ya nutcase…