Time-travelling newbie from the future

Hello LB,

I don’t yet have a bike (well, my son has LEGO bikes which I’m sure he’d lend me, that counts, right?) or even a full licence, but I did the GetOn intro a few weeks back and am planning to go down the DAS + ER route towards the end of the year (other stuff prevents me from doing it right now).

Been wanting to do it for ages but never had the planets align correctly to make it happen, now though, I’ll be needing to commute from Surrey/London borders up to Victoria & Kings Cross which provides the required kick to make it happen, and any extra at the weekends is a bonus !

I’ll be bugging you all with lots of newbie questions I’m sure :slight_smile:


questions are welcome! we’re always happy to help out a new starter.

once you get a bike you won’t look back.

Welcome. Fire away, a wealth of knowledge awaits you. Some of it may even be useful :smiley:

Except for observations and lifesavers before manoevering of course!