Time to put the bike away

Well it’s coming to that time of year ( plus we have a puppy coming ) , so the bike is going into storage and we are buying a little car for the Winter !!!

I love having the bike but come winter and the new house member it’s just to impractical and given the rate of theft I think it’s time to wrap it in a warm blanket and say goodnight until February.

We’ll still be at Ace’s from time to time, and may well dust the bike off for the odd weekend, but anyone got any advice on preparing the bike for hibernation ( other than DON’T ) ?

You could Seal the exhaust end can up (eg with a plastic bag) to avoid moisture getting in there and rotting it out.
put battery on a trickle (eg optimate) or other charger to avoid it going flat. Once they lose their charge they’re never the same again.
Pull the clutch lever in and tie it to the bar. This disconects the clutch and aviods it bonding at it’s point of contact.
Spray a lot of WD40 where things are likely to rust being careful not to get any on your brake discs.
Buy some Honda or Motorex fuel stabiliser, add the recommended amount to the petrol and then run the engine for five minutes so it passes through the injectors/carbs (this is essential if you have a bike with carbs i.e. Norma’s Bandit).
The Honda stuff is the same price as the Motorex, but you don’t need to use as much, so it lasts longer. It also gives you guidance on the bottle regarding how much to use for long-term storage and how much for intermittent use (about a 1/4 of that for long-term storage).
You might want to use the centrestand and rotate the front tyre a quarter turn every week

My frind wolfeyes said it all ! Do it and then change the oil in the summer , you will be ok!

thanks mate thats great. i’ll pick up the treatment you’ve recommended and then tuck her away.

Can’t belive your putting it away

if you can ride fast in the **** weather, then your even better in the decent weather

And riding on snow is as much fun as you can have without dirty young ladies in skintight pvc catsuits

i remember going to work when it was snowing badly long long time back i ran into the curb cause i didn’t see it haha

Yeah, same here ,getting a bit nippy/frosty in the morning, another 30 days to go and bike goes into hibernation…wolfeyes…snow!!! never knew they made snow tires for bikes …

I have to commute on my bike all year around! What I do on ice and snow conditions? I ride my scooter… Last year I droped it two times in the same day, inside the car park! Rather her than my ZX eh?

No I make you right , and the Gixxer used to be out in all weathers ( I was the idiot who was stuck on his bike in the Cambridgeshire now storms a few years back ).

Anyway this year round , we have a new puppy arriving ( 3 weeks to go ) and come Christmas I can’t take the puppy and the Mrs to the folks and the train doesn’t cut it for me… So we are replacing the bike with a Ford KA just to get us all about. See it’s not exactly the full time bike replacement car I would choose

The way I see it, when the little KA dies in March then the Triumph will be ready

I can see your thinking and have to agree. But Ghostie’s right, SV’ll be grumpy as feck for a while. But isn’t D riding it then… LOL.

Remember a dog’s not just for Xmas, they make excellent curry on Boxing Day

D hasnt said anything about riding the bike so i think that idea has passed. Thats fine as i can use the cash towards the new bike