Time to join us! I need Help! Can you volunteer?

Guys, some of you have been talking to me about an events calendar for LB, so we can have our rideouts, competitions, tours, short trips and long trips planned well in advance, even next summer ones. I have been liasing with some of you and we come up with a great way to make things happen for us on a very, very nice way.

In order to do that I need help organizing and running it. I need people keen on get a task on and be responsible for that. LB will provide all the tools you will need in order to succeed and all the support necessary, you will work together with me planing organising and making it happen.

I’m talking about official LB events, such as:

-UK Rideouts like Flatout ones. (Flatout took it)
-Girls rideouts

-Pool competition

-Summer batch (Task already taken)

-French day trip (Task already taken)

-French 2/3 days trip (Task already taken)

-Nurburg ring trip

-Barbecues (Task already taken)

-Charity events for LAA

-Liase with any other site organised rideout that worth our participation and support

-LB trackdays

-Special events rideouts, like the saint george one.

-LB email help contact, this will be an email address that you will use for emergency and get professional help. For example if you get your bike stolen or had an acident, just fill in a questionaire and sent it to us we will pass it to all relevant people. This is quite complex and will need more research, ask me about that. (Task already taken)

You got the idea. Please note that it will involve quite a lot of work and time on the net guiding, asnwering questions and keeping it alive. As well as liasing with third companies such as Ferry, hotels, Train, venues etc.

Londonbikers.com is now working hard to get it subsidised to us! I can’t disclose any more details on the forums but I would like to hear from you if you think you can help us! I will place this tread with no replies so you feel free to do not volunteer and not feel bad.

Please email your phone number to me at [email protected] and I will get back to you for a chat, Get one of the tasks only as it will be hard work, trust me.

Thank you for your support and help, let’s build a great community and have fun together. I have a nice surprise news for those that will work with us, sorry but I can’t disclose any more details online for now as it’s not concluded yet

Thank you



PS: Sorry, you can’t be involved with any other site/forum or organization in order to get this task. I can let you know why if you drop me an email/pm

To add to Cezar’s post, I’ll also be looking for volunteers for technical work. I am working flat-out on the next-generation of LB features for the site, but there are other things that need attention. More to come on this. Off the top of my head, we specifically need help from:

  • Experienced C# Developers
  • Experienced Graphic Designers
  • Experienced Flash Designers/Developers (ActionScript knowledge a must)