Time to fit a tracker

With all these bikes being stole I think I am going to invest in a tracker for my bike.

I hadn’t bothered fitting an alarm when I bought my bike a month or so ago, because it seems these days an alarm isn’t a great deterent.

Whereas with the Tracker Monitor (which costs the same as a datatool alarm) they will contact you as soon as your bike is moved without the ignition being switched on and hopefully you stand a better chance of getting your P&J back if it gets nicked!

It’s sad that so many bikes are being nicked and I am started to get paranoid about my own P&J

Paranoia is setting in with me also. I’ve just got my bike exactly how I want it and now hate leaving it anywhere. I peer out of the curtains before I got to sleep to check the garage door, throughout the night and when I awake.

Tracker seems the only way – if there is enough LB Tracker customers do you think we might get a bulk discount because it is a damned expensive option?

It’s no more expensive than fitting a Datatool alarm.

And I presume that your insurance will drop quite significantly with one fitted.

Well I’ve done it, I’ve booked my bike in this week to have a tracker fitted. Getting it from the peeps I just bought my bike from and they have done me an AWESOME price on a Tracker Monitor!

Someone tried to nick mine last night, they took the cover off, pulled the alarm LED out - like thats going to disable anything!

Tonight is baby monitor & bone breaking time :smiley:

well, even tho my bike does not seem to be on the thieves wish list I’d still have a better nights sleep if I could just wire it up with 380Volts and see wot it does if it’s touched lol:P

What did the tracker set you back? Quite tempted to get one for my bike, seeing as i cant convince the boss to move somewhere nicer with a big fortified wall around the perimeter!

I got £200 off my first quote for my R1 3 years ago.

Oh and I got my bike back just over 24 hours when it was stolen last year :cool:

For the Tracker Monitor I am paying £275…

Do you also have to pay an annual subscription or a more expensive lifetime subscription?

You can buy a snitcher by datatool easy to fit get them on Ebay as well if your bike is touched you get an instant text message ,and if the worst happens it can be tracked by its inbuilt simcard .

Does the Snitcher have Thatcham approval?

I’m well aware that the Thatcham rating is just a licence to rob your wallet for no particular benefit*, but without that worthless endorsement, your not going to get any worthwhile discount from an English insurance company.

(* Please don’t tell me about Thatcham testing, it’s mostly borrocks. The Israeli’s build some of the best stuff in the world, I wonder why, and you can easily buy it for not much. I asked an importer why he didn’t get Thatcham approval and the reponse was “Do you want to pay £50+ a unit more for your gear without any change in specification?”)

What if the thieves put your bike in a container or take it somewhere with no signal.

It’s not going to work.

Don’t waste your money.