Time to end it all?

Just remembered, while in the shower that I had a dream that featured one of girls aloud last night.

It was the Ginger one FFS!

I like her the best she rocks!

ok I saw what you wrote, but I translated it to ‘sorry I am on crack’

no, no, no,…cheryl tweedy is the best!.


I like ginger girls anyway mate always have done and there is just something about her! I reckon she would be proper dirty between the sheets (Yoda does that comment get me banned lol)

What this one???

Shes not bad, but not really my type. I like girls who look a little more innocent

Nah she is just trouble and high maintenance always pick the uglier one out of em and it’s easier work for you

that doesn’t bother me… just as long as she says ‘please’

fook me!, she’s the one.

No no no…the red head with the union jack knickers… :drool

She really is a stinker. Pete you are bad…

It must be awful being ‘the ugly one’. Given that there were four others to choose from i think you might be needing some help mate, was she your ‘Love Machine’?

Sorry, but for me … ginger = minger

Pete, put the crack pipe down. Step away from the rocks! lol

Well done all, you can all squabble over Cheryl (tart from Newcastle) and the minger.

Just give me and Sarah some quiet time eh?


Look, I don’t like her.

She just got into my dream somehow! And she was playing pool with my Korean friend “Badda” (****e name - great arse!)

Just to clear the air so I cant be outted at a later date, my Ipod has 1 Girls aloud track on it - sound of the underground.

It’s good being a red head!!

The sarcastic and funny reply that was going to appear here could be interpreted as being racist.

Not wishing to break the rules of Londonbikers.com (Thus forcing Andrew to actualy do something) the reply has been withdrawn and replaced with this public service message.

Ducati Pete would like to assure viewers that normal service will be resumed shortly.

I din’t understand anything here! Sorry… it’s my english! Never mind! All the girls there are gorgeous…

Well done mate, self censorship. I like it. Never tried it in vinyl, but there’s always a first time.