time for some competition!

your not far off squatting your body weight which if your new is a good start :slight_smile: Given Alex’s stats you are in good hands in terms of what to do - I would echo though that nothing speeds up muscle growth/fat loss like legs exercises, with similar diet the kg’s literally flew off me as soon as I started squatting heavy twice a week.

P.S your not even close to a fat arse

Been training “seriously” for about 18 months now, maxed out in Jan before having a minor off and hurting my right hand.

195KG squats, 240KG deadlifts, 120KG bench

So where do you guys train and with what kind of equipment?

I’m so glad to have found a good gym with excellent equipment, I was getting a little sick of posers doing bicep curls with oly bars at my old commercial gym. :blink:

Quite big commercial gym. But try to go during work day (3-4pm) when its quieter. They got a good mix of freeweights and proper machines. I’ve started to max out some of the cable machines.

Its annoying that they write 200KG on a cable machine, when I know I cant use 100KG free weights :smiley: Its all the pullys and cables that hides the ‘true’ weight or Mechanical Advantage if your into your phsics/maths

Look how much force you need to lift the weight… so dont quote machine here, quote freeweights :smiley:

Genesis Gym in Alperton, one of the few real gyms left. Rack, monolift, forza benches, texas squat bar, bench bar, deadlift bar, oly bar and bumpers, every machine imaginable (some ‘modified’ with the help of the wild imagination of the owner and a welder) plus probably around 10,000 kilos in weights!

Oh and the owner is a world champion and multiple record holder in powerlifting and the team has some great lifters on it too (not me!)

Second from last! I’m a ‘below average’ powerlifter…for now.

Stuck training in Virgin Active in Holloway…

They have 2 benches, an incline bench, squat rack and smith machine, though. Not too bad considering it’s a Virgin!

Plenty of Oly bars and plenty of 20kg plates. :smiley:

Goals for end of this year are 140kg bench, 225kg squat, 270kg deads. Got a ways to go on all of those. Hoping to compete next year, tho, in the 120kg class.

new PBs today…

squatted 100kg for the first time
cleaned 80kg (which felt surprisingly easy after my squat sets for some reason.

I think that compound movement is really good for me mentally cos you end up stuck under a bar which u must get up… or get squashed!) Also weird that I find the deadlift section of the clean really easy where as if i just went to straight deadlift an 80kg bar i’d find it difficult. So need to apply myself to my straight deadlifts in the same aggressive manner as I clean i think!

So here we are a year later. After going through weight loss last year I got down to… 89KGs… Back up to 94KG now :doze:

I’ve been following new routine for past 3 months - Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program - Pan, much simpler than the other stuff. So far so good in terms of gaining strength. 1RMs have improved a fair bit :slight_smile: Obviously I dont expect these rates of increase to continue throughout the year.

shoulder press 45 to 60 (goal, body weight)
deadlift 100 to 120
bench 75 to 95
squat 95 to 110

Geared around these bar lifts - with a couple of assistance exercises 4 days a week - http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_pure_strength

I didnt really track my progress closely before this. Looking forward to another review in about 8-9 months. This is a good simple slow and steady progress workout.

So Argo are you competing? :smiley:

Anyone else improve over the last year?


Nice gains and an Interesting article. May look into doing that as soon as I get into a routine and come off working shift which really messes with my training goals.

Wow, you guys are pretty serious then. I hit the gym three times a week, but really miss having a training partner so mainly use fixed machines.

I bench 95kg, 3 sets of 8 (really should increase as I complete all sets, but I’m more trying to shed a few more lbs)

In the last 14 months I’ve lost 27lbs, now 270lbs, which is 123kg.

People tend to find it quite odd, but I don’t actually enjoy the gym and want to get in and out as quick as I can. I super-set to keep my heart rate high the whole time and am usually done in 50 minutes, which includes 20 minutes on a bike! In the 30 minutes of lifting I get round 8 exercises, but all upper body as my knees really don’t cope with leg work now :frowning:

300 like this!

I’ve trained at Genesis a couple of times - fantastic old-school gym, wish it wasn’t completely the other side of London to me! Bulldog is an absolute legend - do you train with a bunch of others there? I know a few of them - all a great bunch of guys and girls.

Out of interest Alex, how tall are you? From your profile pic you look like quite a tall 105.

To the OP, my stats are 200/140/240 squat/bench/deadlift at around 105-110kg. Might have to start chasing Alex’s numbers now - since I found bikes last summer I’ve been slacking in the gym a bit…

I hate weights, the weight room smells of sweaty BOYS - Lynx, Frazzles & BO.

I have everything set to the lightest, whatever that is and do 20 slow reps on the shoulder lift, the chest pull thingy and I do squats with the 04 dumbells.

Recently started boxing - much, much prefer it then the standard cardio/weights routine I usually do.

@Karleigh - You should do heavier weights you might be able to pick up your phone to check it if you put the work in :slight_smile:

This is good. Slow and to form. Soooo many people in the gym cheat and swing the weights about, using momentum. “It’s a better way to lift because I can lift more”… Although I move through quick, I try and keep good form.

I reckon I might have just squatted about 5 kilos.

That was some dump :smiley:

Just starting to get back into it at the moment after a couple of years off as I tore my right shoulder stopping a bar from hitting my mate in the head am only benching 35kg at the moment but am doing 20/25 rep at a time to try to build some strength/endurance back into the shoulder, my old PB were

Bench 100kg Deadlift 160kg Squat 130kg all at 3x12reps with rest being when training partner was lifting

good stuff Banman, yeah GBC does seems complex but you soon familirise with it. but you def need a log (or an app) to remind you what you are doing.

I highly recommend JeFit as an app to track progress .