time for some competition!

My (not great just curious where others are at if your not shy or a gurl!!)

bench 145lb/65KG (only 6/7 reps at a time atm :D)

squat 88KG (9/10 reps)

post more after gym today :smiley: and I’m working on it!

give me some motivation!


I bench exactly 65kgs at the moment, I curl 40kgs and do various other dumbells across the chest, shoulders and arms too. Don’t do any squats presently. I let myself down over the weekend though, non-stop eating and guzzling booze.

i bench press elephant’s:D


Squat 230/Bench 150/Deadlift 275 with belt and knee wraps, weight around 105.


have you ever seen the size of an elephants bollock:w00t:

eh!? the quote thingy quoted myself, bugger meant to quote banman:hehe:

i think Goldy will win this…

did you say bench!!! all this gym talk makes me wanna sit down:)

LOL flippin eck! did you win your competition?

Weight 95Kg, at least 26% lard :smiley: Recount in 3 weeks time…

Adam your probably already sitting down…

I have arms like popeye so do I win??

Squat 120kg (3X8) Bench 80KG (3X8) and Deadlift 130 (3X6) currently weighing around 92kg :slight_smile:

Don’t know what my 1RM are as never tried before

Squat - about twice a day, depends what’s in my diet and if something has disagreed with my stomach! :wink:

Bench - nope, I have an office chair, far more comfortable than some old bench! :smiley:

Deadlift - WTF?!? I work in an office not a funeral parlour, you guys are just weird! :w00t:

As for exercise, I do 3 sessions of BMF a week and run about 10-12 miles, I get far more out of that than I ever did going to the gym and as I’ve not got the frame to become a man mountain I figure I’ll concentrate on stamina, recovery and keeping toned, happy so far. :cool:

Squats will have to wait until my ankle/knee is sorted.

Bench is 100kg max set of 8 - all my own work. Changed to dumbells for a while and topping out on the 40kgs, but need a hand getting them up -matron!- in position.

Seated shoulder press dumbells 27.5kg each side again if I’m doing more than one set I need someone to hand me the second one.

Theres this tiny lad down the gym who doesnt look anything special but he can do a proper full squat of 160kgs and clean and jerk a good 85 odd.

Really pisses off the bigger chaps.

Found weight gain shakes after work out really usefull in upping the amout I can lift, but it doesnt do the belly much good.

Just started at a decent gym so hopefully i’ll improve in power but at the moment -

72kg body weight

4-8 reps at…

Back Squat - 90kg

Deadlift - 100kg

dumbell press - 38kg each hand

Power clean - 75kg

Found a really good gym in Watford called “new spartan gym”, if anyone else trains in the area check it out… best functional gym i’ve seen! :slight_smile:

I bench in Brockwell Park and when I squat, the seams on my trousers burst…old and fat! yeah baby

Just came back from todays workout and went for it a bit less scared seeing the numbers here :smiley:

Squat 100KG 6 reps (30 sec rest then into)
Seated hack squat(?) 120KG 12 reps (30 sec rest)
lunges with with 10KG DBs 25 reps (rest 2 mins)
repeat 2 more times

Leg curl machine 60kg, 60kg, 67kg (30 sec rest)
reverse lunges with 10KG DBs (30 sec rest)
hyper extensions on the floor x25 (rest 2 mins)
repeat 2 more times

dead lift using cable machine it says 200KG, no more weights left need to switch to a real mans barbell now :smiley:

I want to bulk up and lose a load of fat. I know its prob not the most efficient way to do it but i hate running and most cardio type stuff. This gets me a good sweat and seems to be working so far.

Oh and Im on the protein shakes and 4-5 small meals a day aiming for 1500kcals/day (no more than 2000)

But I got to do some running too :frowning: Thanks for the input guys. Helps me motivate - except Alex he can go jump :smiley: pretty high probably :hehe: Alex, when i plateau I’m coming for you mate!

Keep em coming. Any women believe in the weights? My missus has just started training with weights after 7 years of spinning and moaning about results.

Oh and this is an interesting quick read - Burning Fat, Getting Fit

I see JC reading this i bet he don’t post. :D:D

Banos you got email :wink:

i am a newbie when it comes to this. some workout that i do, thanks to my awesome tough quite mean (seriously!) trainer
Mr. Gold :cool::stuck_out_tongue: no messing around!!

Squat 43kg (4x5) can probably do 45. Bench 35KG (4X5) Dumbell Press 12kg each hand (3x10)
next session will try 14kg each hand (4x5), Deadlift 45k (4X5), Chinup w a band (3x10),
Single leg squat (3x10), Single leg bent knee deadlift, etc. the reps depend on the day :slight_smile:
all goes with cardio (metabolic exercise or interval training) and the days-off are with interval training.

at the moment i weigh 55kg, aiming for 53 (or Gold thinks 52…maybe!) :D:D i am still a fat ass :w00t: