Time for a nice cup of tea.

Nothing like a cuppa to ward off the fallout of yesterday and make you look forward to tomorrows noumenons in all their guises. Got a tree that needs affection and a dog that needs a walk, a bike that needs a wash and a girl that needs a talk, a job that needs a boost and a dove that`s come home to roost, a ride I need to plan, for a much beloved man, so now I need to sleep these commitments for to keep.:slight_smile:

Bed time for LB and Germany.:w00t:

Tea before bedtime? Is that wise? I always thought tea wakes you up.

So - does this mean Mrs Jetstream is the master planner behind all the brilliant Jet/Jizzstream rideouts?

this bit proves it’s the woman who always is the brains behind any operation/rideout :smiley: