Time for a new bike !

Following my off last week the shop have confirmed that it’s a write off, I could possibly elect to save it but then I’d still have the insurance hit on renewal and a bike worth a lot less than it was, worst of both options. The radiator is dented which could eventually leak, the frame is OK but needs painting etc, there’s too much to ignore really and I’d know it wasn’t good.

So I need a new bike and can’t face another few weeks troughing through fleabay and Autotrader looking at bikes that are either as bad as mine but described as mint or clocked or ex track bikes etc, so I went to see a couple of new bikes today.

Is a ZX6R or GSXR600 such a bad idea ? Would this be a mistake for a new rider ? Which is the better bike ? Going to ride the ZX6 tomorrow but the GSXR isn’t registered yet so need to travel to try that.

for a new rider the GSXR is easier to ride.

I would go with the Gixxer

If it were me, new rider, go for the SV good all rounder, fast enough and very easy to ride.

get another trumpet, flipping good bikes, i wouldnt go back to a yam after riding my trumpet, excellent!


did insurance offer you the bike as a buy back? Seemed to still be rideable. Could be good as a hack bike?

y dont u get a proper bike like a zx7r now thats a bike!!!

Yamaha Thundercat or 05 R6.

how about a new bandit 650 a great bike for a new rider and they are cheap £3999.99 brand new

GSXR-600 is a brilliant bike, loved mine before i trashed it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I did think of a Bandit or SV but I just don’t like them enough to own one, there was a nice SV1000 on the Friday run and the sound it made beat any 4 cyl bike but I can’t see me on one.

A few people have recommended the gixxer, what is it makes it better or easier to ride than the ZX6R ? Have read that the 01-03 gsxr600 is more road focused and probably easier to ride than the 04 onwards bikes but is there really much difference ?

I will try to buy the trumpet back, depends how much they want for it.

I would if you could get parts for them from anywhere other than a trumpet dealer, the 675 looks good but the best a dealer will do is £7100 compard to £6k for each of the gsxr and zx6r