Time for a new bike

Been after one of these for a while, picked up today for cheaps to complete my set of Yamaha 1, 2, 3 & 4 cylinder bikes :slight_smile:

Rides fine… Tyres are really cheap avon roadriders and at low speed the front feels like it’s on grease. Indicators only work when it’s in neutral. Rear shocks are on upside down for some reason. Front brake caliper needs new seals. No mirrors. Rear brake light is stuck on. But it recently got a fresh MOT! (somehow). Starts 1st or second kick. Got a predator exhaust can which sounds nice.


So are you at the probability threshold now where the odds are you’re more likely going to have a working bike out of your collection on any given day?

Actually no because the more bikes I have, the less space I have. The less space I have, the less I can fix.


Shocks look to be the right way on to me.