Time check

Dont forget the clocks go forward tonight, so dont get caught out.


nice one…forgot all about that…

wew…almost got caught with my pants down…


done it earlyer so i wouldont forget alf

I’m playing in a football competition today, with quite an early start to catch the team coach… I woke at about 3:30am and realised I’d forgotten to change the clocks That was a close one!

I did remember, but at least I got to use my yearly excuse for being late. It doesn’t work quite so well in the middle of August – “sorry I’m late, I forgot the clocks went forward.”

It’s completely f*cked my ‘time appreciation’ but I REALLY REALLY love the lighter evenings. My mornings are always light, so wotmeworry…


The reason your mornings are always light is because you wake up at lunch time.