Time between offence and court ?

Afternoon all , my guvnor , in his car I might ad got caught doing 103 on a dual carriageway.

Received the notification of intent to prosecute , but 1 year later still nothing ?

Anyone got an idea of time for these things ? does it have a limit ?

Thanks in advance ,

hmmm seems a long time, fingers crossed the paperwork got lost i supposed, wouldn’t be unheard of :smiley:

I hope so mate , he lives in Cornwall and commutes , so he’s gonna be stuffed if he looses !!!

Doesn’t the case have to be laid before the court within 6 months of the offence ?
If so, then he’s ok.

Yes & no !

The prosecutors have 6 months to lay the information before a court, but once that’s done there is no legal time limit for when the court has to issue & serve a summons. :crazy:

But I did read somewhere that there is a guideline of it being within 3 years.

I’d suspect that in this case it’s probably been lost in the system though & it’s the last he’ll hear of it.

Is he in the Free Masons? :smiley:

Well I did notice the rolled up trouser leg and the hanky on his head , but I just thought he was odd !:w00t:

I got done about 10 years ago for 120 on the M11.

They left it long enough that I was starting to think they’d forgotten… they hadn’t. IIRC it was about 5 months.

The real pain was that the offence stays on your licence from the date of sentance not the date of the offence.

mate off mine went a year and a half and the only reason they got him is cos he had a warrent for his arrest and it was only a normal traffic stop at the time :hehe::hehe: