Time at the frickin bar ladies and gentlemen!

Since when did other people’s pig ignorant stupidity become something we have to accept rather than the waste of time it clearly is and something we should NOT tolerate so people learn to respect.

Some pillock 14 year old walked out in front of my car this morning without looking. If I hadn’t looked, seen him, and braked he could have died or at the very least been very badly hurt…

Naturally I’m annoyed by his stupidity and imposition on me and his arrogant behaviour where he EXPECTS me to look out for him, but doesn’t feel the need nor the responsibility to look out for himself. So, I beep the horn and wave my hand… nothing aggressive, just a “what the hell are you thinkin” gesture… and get this… Two ordinary men at the bus stop start hurling abuse at me for being impatient… WTF… what about dickhead’s behaviour whose life I just saved? Why am I gettin the grief and not “Thick as sh!t” whose just been given another day to live, assuming he can handle that clearly immense and complex responsibility…

When did frustration at stupidity become the bad thing in society that we don’t tolerate and not the blatant stupidity itself… WTF is wrong with you London…

Personally, I blame LIberals… fecking PC oooh give everyone a chance Liberals… Survival of the Fittest says the Liberal view can NEVER work, but somehow through crappy media, and wannabe idealism, the views of the thick as ****, the blatantly disrespectful and the ruddy arrogant opportunistic and criminal is seen as something that “isnt’ their fault” and that we should change our ways to accomodate them and not the other way around… Why aren’t we showing them the error of those attitudes in a damm big city where its reasonable to expect everyone to make a bit of effort, not just those that stuck with the chore that’s called “education”…and didn’t drop out the second it got “a little bit hard”…

POVERTY IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR SHITTY DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR… that’ is the biggest fecking fallacy and lie ever, and feckin Liberals pedal that crap constantly and I’ve had enough… BOOT CAMP, Bloody National Service and lessons in FECKIN respect…

“We rioted cos we wanted to teach the police respect.”

I mean REALLY are you feckin serious!

I’ve had enough of “looking out” for disrespectful sh!ts who are full of excuses and know all of their rights, but none of their fecking responsibilities!

Rant off… carry on. :slight_smile: Lovely weather isn’t it…

In and practise your deep breathing and drink a cup of himalayan moon beam tea .

You brake for pedestrians that walk out in front of you? How quaint.

I’ve had a headache for 17 days now and the voices just won’t stop… here’s an extract I recorded earlier

“…you are the greatest lover in the world, and yes you have a gorgeous bottom, but the axe is very nice and shiny, and blood always highlights a nice shiny sharp metal surface, kids eh… who do they think they are not loving you with your heroic facial fuzz, manly chest hair and tight buttocks, my my Forum Cloud, they are very tight buttocks, just murder one of them a little bit, that’ll teach them some respect, and by the way, what is wrong with owning everyone piece of Flock of Seagull memorabilia… yes those 12 year olds were very hurtful mocking you for your taste in cardigans, just hurt theose one’s then… but then again, a whole school of them all disembowelled and preserved in Formaldehyde would make Damien Hirst’s shark look a bit lazy, you’d be a famous artist as well as the sexiest man i the world… yes Forum Cloud, turn on And I Ran and dance naked in front of th mirror wearing only sideburns and lime jelly again… yessssss…”

And so on endlessly… how do you turn the voices off? :wink:

Chav kid with dog playing ball on pavent. Ball goes in road swiftly followed by dog, result = me emergency stop the people carrier cantaining myself, mrs b and the banglets.

I gesticulate to said chav in a non offensive manner. Result = him telling me to **** off and kicking my car as i drive past.

Next time, I’m killing the dog, then maybe he’ll get the message.

Your in a unique position as a witness who saw what you saw,the others weren’t and saw the situation differently.

No point blaming politics. The kid didn’t have it drummedinto his head the green cross code that might have over ridden what ever was onhis mind when he started to cross the road. You can blame who you like forthat, too many groups to choose from.

I think it was something like your near hit that made melook before crossing the road as a kid, and I had been taught the GCC by everyone.Stopped virtually every time before crossing a road when I was thinking. Itjust needed a near hit, when I got too excited and ran over the road, to makeme realise roads are dangerous, and I could not afford to forget this….ever.

With luck you’ve left the kid with a life saving lessonnobody else could teach them?

Don’t do that… just knife the ball.

turn off the iPod?

There, fixed it for you

You blame ‘political correctness’ and ‘liberals’ for the fact that some stupid kid walked out in front of your car? :blink:

Either ignore those retards, or get out of yer car and have a chat. Ignoring may be the morally higher ground, however constantly ignoring, and you’ll passively facilitate this behaviour too, by letting it go on.
Getting out to clarify the situation can work, but can back fire too. If those twats are already all worked up about something they have not seen correctly, chances are they’ll be stuck with their mind set.

Overall there are many things wrong with London. It’s a sh!thole, full of retarded [email protected], and unfortunately they won’t go away that easily (or legally)

Well that made me laugh :laugh:

Well written and entertaining; nice! :slight_smile:

Yeah… what you gonna do about it? Eh… come on, its my right to be completely illogically ranty… who are you to tell me how to behave I know my rights. Feck you man. Stop putting me down. All you old people with an understanding of civilised behaviour and jobs and education and a sense of responsibility and concepts of decency and civilised behaviour and respect… you just don’t understand what its like to be a lazy feckless undirected slack third rate excuse for a chav… its JUST NOT FAIR!

Sulking now in a really petulant and stroppy childish kinda way… kinda like the thick slack wasters who think that if they telll nicking sh!t from trainer shops was them trying to teach “teach the police a lesson!” that we’ll believe them… cos they like … they;d believe them man, cos it’s like… true stories man… yeah, respect Blood!



Vote me for PM then, and I make sure these people get sent to death work&education camps

Does anyone else wanna explain to silentwalker why my rants aren’t taken seriously?
I have a coffee problem see… but unlike cocaine, coffee is legal and very easy to get hold of… Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Bolivian Drugs Cartel owner…

Oh yeah, and if you’re going to seriously try and butt heads with a caffeine fuelled pedant like me, try and remember the difference between Your (as in “your” dog) implying ownership and You’re (As in “you are”) implying a state of being … :smiley:

Soooo, kids runs out in road and two blokes moan at you.

Pick kid up and hit the two blokes with him.

About twenty birds killed with one stone!

Wait a minute…german guy, ‘education’ camps…this seems oddly familiar… :ermm:

forumcloud - your entitled to a rant mate - I regularly go ballistic trying to get in and out of this f*cking town alive on the bike. I totally sympathise.

Just try and improve your target identification - societies problem is that it has been pretty comprehensively raped and taken apart by f*ck you capitalism over the last thirty years.

Last time this happened fascists promised to put everything right by dressing everyone up in uniforms and pinning the blame on a load of people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. (I think Herr Schmidt’s lot were really good at this until it all went spectacularly tits up for them).


Hitler never played ‘Risk’ as a kid…

And what if we blame the correct people today? :Whistling:

That said, I’m happy not to live in London and ocmmute much there, precisely because of this