Timber Woods Long Distance Trial

On Sunday I competed in the Timber Woods Long Distance Trial, run by Sidcup MCC
(http://www.sidcupmotorcycleclub.co.uk/). It was a single lap of a 100 mile circuit of green lanes, linked together by tarmac roads. There were 9 trials sections and one timed special sections alongside the green lanes or in private woodland. The trials sections contained lots of up a steep hill, round a tight turn, down a steep hill round a tight turn, up a steep hill etc., and contained obstacles such as treetrunks or piles of logs.
I travelled to the start near Dover with two friends, Mark and Steve. The grey and drizzly start to the day soon gave way to blue skies and bright sunshine. We had a splendid day’s trail riding punctuated by spectacular views of the Kent countryside and fiendishly difficult trials sections. We all enjoyed it immensely.

Last time I entered a Long Distance Trial was last year’s Bristol Phoenix Fosseway LDT, when I came dead last, just behind Mark, so I was overjoyed to get the results last night, to find that out that out of 83 finishers I had come 45th and that Steve and Mark were 60th and 62nd respectively.

On the back of this I am entering the Witley LDT on 1 October, regs here:
and the Surrey Police 3-stage Trial on 8 October, regs here:

Anyone else up for these?