Till MOT do us part..

So today I take my old bike (which I love greatly and which got me home after all!) down the bike shop to get my fork seals changed and an MOT done, as it’s come up for it now.

Straight off the bat it starts bad. “Umm… tread depth is just below what we need for MOT so you need front and rear tyres too. Look, tread wear indicator is showing.” Ooops.

Then, they take the forks off the bike and lo and behold, they cannot open them because the bolt holding them together is so utterly shagged nothing will get a grip on it. Hooray… So nothing could get sorted but it still cost me 60 quid for the privilege of finding out. Not only did the forks Sickpup sold me as “recently got new seals” start pissing oil within weeks of getting them, but they can’t even be maintained!

Hence, it’s the death knell for my bike. Whole new forks + front and rear tyres + new front brake (swimming in fork oil) = more than the bike is worth. More than I have, too. A lot more actually.

So, since I can’t afford a new bike, this pretty much means I can put the Sidis away, buy a pair of trainers, and walk until I can. Yay…

This blows so hard I can’t even explain it, just when its getting into summer, but thats the ugly reality of it…

why do u need to take the forks apart to change the seals i never do just cut the spring in the top of the seal than the seal comes out easy.fork seals can go at anytime even new ones get crap in them so they fail.

Was talking about this kind of situation earlier today. If your bike really is too expensive to fix, would you be able to get anything for breaking it and selling the bits? You’d be surprised what people will pay a tenner for on e-bay particularly if it’s JUST what they were looking to get hold of. I know that’s not what you’d ideally like to happen but it might be an honourable end for your trusty steed. And it’s already saved you once by getting you home from the frozen wastes, it might get you a little bit of dosh so you can get hold of something else with two wheels.

Well, do not be disheartened, you can get real gems on ebay…I just got one!
ChoccyMuffins idea is a very good one, maybe her advice is the best way you can get the green to get a new gem to love.

I can understand what your current pride must mean to you though. Things will start getting better though, you’ve been through a tough time, and you need to keep your chin up for just a little longer till you can sort out everything out and then have a rest.

I’m sure if you need things we can help out still!
Try and keep smiling, just for a little longer at least.


Using your trusty steed as an ‘organ donor’ is far preferable to just junking it. It’ll live on in various guises for ever - the caretaker’s broom.

Just be strict about using any money gained as your nest-egg for a ‘new’ two-wheeled friend.

Yeah well… After an initial good start I’m now wallowing around the pit of depression. Passed on the ride today as well – wouldn’t want the responsibility of having a fellow LBer go down on a puddle of fork oil of my making… It would have been nice to come out but I didn’t want to tempt fate.

Still think the mechanic was probably crap. My Internet NTV freaks say drilling out a knackered bolt shouldn’t slow them down for more 10 minutes. Ripping it all apart, saying “blimey I can’t sort it”, putting it back together broken and charging me 60 quid for the privilege was just totally uncool. I thought I had a sound workshop, they always sorted me out nicely for small money but I’m not so impressed anymore…

Who knows, maybe I can resurrect her somehow, it’s just a matter of forks and tyres really and perhaps a new handlebar, but it seems like a daunting task right now.

If anyone knows any talented mechanics who see keeping an old bike alive as a challenge rather than an unwelcome hassle, speak now…

And Jim: “trusty steed”, I like that! Newer models (of ride-on lawn mowers, let alone motorbikes) might have more power and better accelleration than my “steed”, but I love it regardless. Bent, dinged, fixed 100 times… but it all adds character really. Like its rider it’s seen many things in its life and it’s not without scars on its body and soul, but it keeps puttering on regardless. If I could get 'er mended I’d ride her another year, no doubt about it.

Sadly all the things you have mentioned all of us at some time or other have to replace these ‘consumable items’

Surely you can tell when a tyre / set of tyres needs replacing? (Daily checks and the obligitary pre-MOT check) I dont think you really should be riding a bike if not!

I have known fork seals to fail with 1 day of them being fitted (cheap seals?!) now i buy only main dealer OE fork seals and don’t bother with eBay etc and the other thing is that if the forks are pitted from stone chips etc then that wont help.

as the others have said i feel your pain having just had to fit lots of parts on a KTM that i only bought 6 weeks ago and over looked

so a set of tyres, set of brake pads (front and back), head bearings, wheels bearings (front & back), swingarm spacer and bearings later i know that they will last a while and they are things that will wear given time and conditions, fortunately they are things that you can predict (under normal circumstances)!

If nothing else get yourself a Haynes manual (or download one online) and try some of the stuff yourself!