Tightest Turning Circle

Reason for the question was just something I’d be reflecting on. I actually think weight plays a part too - not in terms of the physics of being limited or not by how far the lock extends, but by how hard or easy it is to sort of ride the bike like a supermoto with a front end easy to manuveure.

Basically, I am surprised I cannot ride my 1200 Triumph Scrambler like I can the 390 Duke in heavy traffic. :rofl:

The fact that it surprises me pretty much makes me stupid since it should be obvious. lolz

But the ultimate reason for the question was that I am trying to figure out if there is a bike that will feel like the little Duke in traffic but be a little more rapid. Even the 790 Duke when I rode it I thought it was too big for optimum traffic cutting madness

i think its just a matter of getting used to it,
I could (not ridden in traffic for a year) follow any scooter through traffic on the CB1K

For me its not when you are land splitting, its when you move horizontally between cars that I notice the difference.

And in general doing a u turn does help in other situations too

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right, that makes sense…

for that you know what they say “plan better” :stuck_out_tongue:


My Speed Triple is rubbish for that kinda movement too. You just have to plan a different route through traffic, you can do more comfortable overtakes on the Scrambler than you can on the Duke, so sometimes pausing in one part of traffic and waiting for a gap a fraction later can mean you make better progress.

haha yes I know this to be true, but no one has ever beaten me on my little Duke muhahaha

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I’ve seen people doing it with their Kings, I have done it but will not try again. little bit of metal vs 250KG of bike, nope!